Fikret Petrol
Fikret Petrol, which is the first fuel station having the distributorship of Opet Fuel Card in Turkey, continues its investments in fuel sector fastly. Fikret Petrol, that makes wholesale and transport of fuel to each and every region of Turkey, gives service with total 6 stations as 4 in Ankara, 1 in Mersin and 1 in Samsun.
İlkin Distribution
Ilkin is a distribution company founded in order to provide an effective, fast, solution oriented and trustworthy service to its customers. Ilkin, which was founded in 2000 with enterprises of Hakan Yücelen, continued its distributorship of Philip Morris Mersin for long years. It still operates the distribution in Ankara that started in 2009 in a wide region with an equipped and wide sales team. Today, sales are done to more than 1500 points.
Kaf Marine
Kaf Marine, which makes dry load forwarding worldwide with its wide linked network, provides the safe delivery of the load by creating the link between load owner and ship owner via forwarding method.
Liner Logistics
Liner provide service with alternative trailer opportunities standing in its fleet and with integrated solutions developed especially for its customers. Liner team, which follows every step of the operations online, provides the delivery of your loads on time, without damage and complete.
ÇözümTürk Energy
CozumTurk Energy, which tended towards renewable energy sources because of today’s biggest problem of CO2 oscillation, has started its operations in 2017 with its facility standing in the Kıranhamanı village of Polatlı district in the city of Ankara.
CozumTurk Energy, which entered the renewable energy sector with Kıranhamanı Solar Energy Plant, aims to enlarge its investments fastly and become a leader in the sector.
Anemos Energy
Anemos Enerji, 2018 yılında kurulmuş ve yenilenebilir enerji sektörüne hızlı bir giriş yapmıştır. Anemos, günümüzde yüksek kapasiteli yenilenebilir enerji santralleri ile hizmet vermektedir.

Firmanın Güneş Enerjisi Santralleri (GES) Eskişehir’de

Styx Energy
The company, which began its investments in solar power plants, is carrying on its researches and investments in the field of renewable energies. It is pursuing its investments in Turkey for a better future and a greener world. The Yucelen group, sees Europe as its next investment ground in this sector. Its highly qualified team of experts serves as a catalyser for Styx Energy to accelerate its field research and sector studies, paving the way for the company to undertake renewable energy investments in the near future.
Styxs Software
Our group, which has been closely following the evolution of the information technology sector in recent years, offers a variety of software programs, whose quality and functionality have been praised by users. The sales and technical support services of those products are ongoing in Turkey. In addition, the Yücelen Group also develops iOS, Android and Web applications, tailor-made software packages designed specifically for each user, as well as software based on artificial intelligence.

The Yücelen Group, which aims at spreading and sharing its knowledge and experience in the related sectors, in Europe and worldwide, has started its European journey with Styx Software.